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APS audio transformers

Custom audio transformers

We are currently having a sale on our top of the line Signature Series PLUS DAC that includes

our our R-Core APS internal power supply installed in Our Signature Series units. 

The PLUS upgrade normally cost $829.

Signature Series PLUS sale $4,394 less trade in.  We have both Silver and Black units available.

*While supplies last*.

Vocm Mod complete unit

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You send us your complete unit and we will install the Vocm mod and your new transformers if purchased.

You must pay for return shipping.  We will contact you for return shipping cost.

This price includes the Vocm caps.


This is a Level 1 upgrade.  The least expensive.

For a Level 2 upgrade see our Signature Series.

For a Level 3 upgrade add the PLUS upgrade for the instalation of our internal analog power supply.  This is the best and most expensive however we feel it's worth every penny.

About Us

We have been designing and building custom upgrades for the directstream DAC since 2019


You can read some reviews and find out some more info about our products here and here



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