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APS audio transformers

Custom audio transformers

We are currently having a sale on our top of the line Signature Series PLUS DAC that includes

our our R-Core APS internal power supply installed in Our Signature Series units. 

The PLUS upgrade normally cost $829.

Signature Series PLUS sale $4,394 less trade in.  We have both Silver and Black units available.

*While supplies last*.

Vocm caps. (10)

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You will receive 10 - 0805 Vocm caps.  You only need 8 so you will have 2 spares. These are only needed if you plan on doing all the work yourself.  These are included in the price of the vocm mod if we perform the work.


Be careful to install these in the correct way. They have a white band on one end. This is the (+) positive end. There is also a + sign however it is very hard to see.




 NOTE: The cap value should read equal or greater than 47uf.  We use 220uf.


All the Left R6 are in parallel and all the right R6 are in parallel so I make sure I measure each one as I install them as if you create a short you would have no way to figure out which one of the 4 is shorted.

Measure using the diode setting on your meter. Plus to the TP in between the opamps (ground). negative to one side of the cap then the other side. One side will show short to ground the other will show a resistance. The resistance should be the same on all R6’s both right and left. It would be a good idea to see what this is before you start.

Also if you are changing the transformers it’s a good time to remove them before you start on the VOCM mod as it gives you more room to work.

Below are the 8 locations to install the caps.


DS analog board marked



Remember these mods are done at your own risk. I have heard of members trashing there analog board and needing to pay for a replacement $$$$

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